CONTROL BODY – Validation of devices for electric arc welding

WELD-ING is an accredited control body for correctness checks – visual control and control of electrical parameters on electric arc welding devices according to standards:

  • SRPS EN IEC 60974-14 – arc welding equipment – part 14: calibration, validation and consistency testing,
  • SRPS EN 50504 – validation of arc welding equipment.

Checking the correctness of the electric arc welding device – regular inspection and validation of the electric arc welding equipment is of vital importance for the quality of the performed welding works.

Regular annual inspections and validation of electric arc welding devices guarantee the quality of the welded joints.

The certificate on controlling the welding equipment aims to prove the competence of the equipment to be able to make high-quality welded joints and raise the quality of welding.

The control body is accredited in accordance with the requirements of the SRPS ISO/IEC 17020 standard: