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WELD-ING is a specialized company for the provision of services in the field of welding, an accredited certification body for the certification of persons (welders, brazers and welding operators) and an accredited control body for the qualification of welding technologies and the validation of devices for electric arc welding. We also own a certified welding school – a center for training and testing of welders.

In addition to the above services, WELD-ING provides engineering and consulting services in the field of welding, repair welding and surface welding damaged parts, devices and equipment in all industrial branches (construction, mining and transport machinery, thermal energy equipment as well as parts of industrial engines and machines), manufacturing and assembly (pipeline, pressure vessel, structure, plants in thermal energy, petrochemical and ferrous metallurgy facilities).

Based on the decision of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, the company WELD-ING d.o.o. is the designated body for non separable joints – for approving personnel for performing non separable joints on pressure equipment in accordance with point 3.1.2. from Annex I of the Regulation  of pressure equipment (“Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia”, number 114/21).

The expert team of WELD-ING will provide you with help in solving all problems in the field of welding. Many years of experience and family tradition, as well as constant monitoring and application of the latest developments, technologies, materials and equipment are a guarantee of the quality of the work performed.

The company WELD-ING was founded in 2009 in Belgrade by experienced experts in the field of welding who incorporated their many years of experience and knowledge gained in eminent institutions and at important facilities in Serbia and abroad into all units of WELD-ING.


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