Repair welding
We perform repair welding in the repair center of WELD-ING in Belgrade or in the customer’s premises, with the highest quality filler materials and the most modern devices for electric arc welding under the supervision of European engineers and welding inspectors.

Repair welding and surfacing  worn and damaged parts of devices and equipment in all industrial branches from all types of steel, steel and gray cast iron, aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze.

Many years of experience in repair and rehabilitation:

Construction, mining and transport mechanization:
Repair of car cranes, gantry cranes, bridge and gantry cranes, excavators, backhoes, truck chassis, train buses, locomotives, wagons…

Thermal energy equipment:
Repair of shafts, spindles, latches and closures of high-pressure valves, pump housings, pressure vessels, tanks and boilers…

Equipment in the industry for the production of bricks, sugar mills and cement plants:
repair welding and surfacing of silos, extruders, presses…

Engine and machine parts:
repair of gears, engine heads and blocks, crankcases, radiators, exhaust manifolds…

Economy and longevity are achieved through repair. The cost of repair is many times lower than buying a new part, and downtime is significantly reduced. A repaired part lasts up to three times longer than a new part.

Heat treatment:
If necessary during repair, we provide heat treatment services for welded joints and positions where repair is performed (overheating, annealing, loosening, normalization)…

Non-destructive testing – NDT
Before and after repair welding and surfacing, we perform testing of welded joints and base materials using non-destructive testing methods.

  • VT – visual dimensional test (SRPS EN ISO 17637 and SRPS EN 13018),
  • PT – testing by the method of liquid penetrants (SRPS EN ISO 3452-1 and SRPS EN ISO 23277),
  • MT – hardness test (SRPS EN ISO 6506-1).