Reparaturno zavarivanje

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Repair Welding

Repair welding and welding on
of worn and damaged parts of devices and equipment in all industrial branches from all kind of steel, steel and grey cast iron, aluminium and aluminium alloys, inox, cooper, brass and bronze.

Experience of many years at repair and sanation:

  • Structural, mining and transport mechanization:
    Sanation car elevators, crane elevators, bridge and portable cranes, dredgers, trench diggers, truck chassis, busses moving on rails, locomotives and wagons

  • Thermo-energetic equipment: :
    Repair of shafts, spindles, plug valves and valve shutters of high pressure, pumps` boxes, tanks under pressure and boilers

  • Equipment in the industry for production of bricks, sugar factories and cement works:
    Repair of extrusion presses, cylinders and presses.

  • Motor and machine parts
    Repair of gar wheels, motor heads and blocks, axles, crankcases, refrigerators and exhaust branches.

By repair economy and long-life are achieved. The repair price is multiple lower than buying a new part and standstill time is significant reduced.

We are performing repair welding in the workshop of WELD-ING or in sections of the purchaser.


Reparatura vratila, vretena, zasuna i zatvarača ventila visokog pritiska, kućišta pumpi, posuda pod pritiskom, rezervoara i kotlova.


Zavarivanje- varenje,gradjevinske, rudarske i transportne mehanizacije. Zavarivanje strele autodizalice.Sanation car elevators, crane elevators, bridge and portable cranes, dredgers, trench diggers.

Deo masine za kovanje nakon navarivanja - varenja , masinske obrade , ispitivanja tecnim penetrantima i merenja of wheels, machines, motor heads.





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